An Old Snowy Day

September 23, 2007
By Rebecca Kriegman, Summit, NJ

The old Oak Tree by
The old white House
Carpeted with Snow,
It’s indistinguishable
From ground or sky.

She laughs,
Her head back,
Her tongue sticking out
Catching falling Snow,
Fogging Air in front of her

The old golden Dog was there
Paws wet,
And snout up
Barking by the unseen Door
At a runaway rabbit nearby.

The Snow was higher
Than she’d ever seen
Enough to cancel school
For several days
She thought with delight.

And she threw her old Hat aside,
Ears left naked,
Her hair exposed
In two curly pigtails
Blowing in an old Winter’s Breeze.

By the old Hill,
Now covered with Snow,
Her and her Brother sled
Down in the old Toboggan,
They were unstoppable

And they went inside,
Toes numb and fingers frozen,
Into the Kitchen
Where Mother had two Mugs
Of warm hot chocolate prepared.

Then into the Den,
Father had a fire blazing
And she pushed her hands hard
Against the old Fireplace’s grates
Feeling warmth flow through her skin.

But a call comes from beyond
The old Windowpanes
From her Brother saying
That the Snow has started again
And she must come out to play once more.

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