Still not over you

December 21, 2011
By rockingangel BRONZE, Jabalpur, Other
rockingangel BRONZE, Jabalpur, Other
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Favorite Quote:
You'll make a lot of mistakes in your life..
but if you learn from every mistake, you
really didn't make a mistake..

Here I'm sitting again in a dark empty room

Thinking about how it was when there was me and you..

All the things you said to me now doesn't have a meaning

I don't know why I still hope and sit here all day waiting..

Remembering how the things were I still live your lies

I still hope you miss me like you said,more than I..

I don't know what went wrong was it something I said or done? can I forget its me who is always wrong..

Whenever I ask you whats wrong you say its me not you

Then why am I the one who is paying for things you do..

Came the day,you finally said that its over now

My heart crushed in pieces all I wondered was how??

you said that you love me,but now we are not lovers,

also that lets be friends and see whats in store for us...

I agreed as I was scared,afraid of losing you

Being your friend was definitely hard for me to do..

Everyday I talked to you but the spark it wasn't there

It hurted me every time when I realize you didn't care..

I told you I cant take it anymore,lets not talk at all

you agreed so easily and all you said was OK..

You moved on without regrets,leaving me behind

and I'm still stuck here in the moment,with you in my mind..

still sometimes I think of you,how you left me alone

you always told me to find my ways but now I'm on my own..

My friends tell me to move on and I tell them m over you

But they don't know with smile on my face ,they are the one m lying to..

In my dreams I see you sometimes,the time we spent together

but then I wake up with little pain in my heart realizing it cannot be the same ever...

P.S- I'm still not over you..

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