Gone Forever

April 30, 2008
By marlen tenorio, Chicago, IL

ever since that horrible day
when you walked out of my life
i paint a smile with lip gloss
what people dont know
is that its fake
and i really wish i wasnt
going through this anymore
i used to think that if i
imagined life with out you
i would go blind
its hard to accept the fact that
you're gone forever
you'll no longer be by my side
i will no longer kiss your lips
its hard to face the fact
that you're gone forever
my heart just exploded
into hundreds of liitle pieces
but you cant see that
even though you dont care
you're still my first thought when i wake up
and my last thought when i go to sleep
it really hurts to know
that you're no longer the one
i kiss and hug
and hold in my arms
its thrue when people
say that you dont know
what you had until its
i loved you so much
it made me blind
and ever since that
saturday night
i was finally able to
see what i had
was what i wanted
but what hurts the most
is that i never got to
say good-bye;the right way
where's the good in good-bye?!
there isnt....

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