how is it okay

January 8, 2012
By Anonymous

you try to put me down
and make me feel as though i do not deserve to breath
i push, and push, and push my self but in your mind it is impossible for me to achieve
you tell me that you love me
then turn around and ignore me
you say iam your child
but your failing to make me feel okay
you act as though iam a burden
but yet iam the main one that tries to help you out
what am i doing wrong?
what is this anger all about?
how can you feel its okay,
to make me feel less than human
i know your not my mom
but mine is not around, you promised me you would help me, take me in as one of your own
i mean you are my fathers wife,
and the closes thing i have to a mom
iam now 17 and in one of the hardees part of my life
but you act as iam invisible like iam not worth your time
so can you be honest and just tell me the truth
do hate me or love me
cause iam confused?

The author's comments:
this is about my step mom we use to be so close but for the past 2 year she just acts as though iam nothing and that her and her kids are to good for me i just want to know why but i have a feeling that i will never find out

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