February 13, 2008
They found her weeping
The night before
They never bothered
To ask what for
She hurt so bad she hit the floor
Grabbing a knife
To hurt some more
She figured he can
Hut me so can I
She carved an E
With that knife
And a tear fell from her eye
She carved a V
And watched the blood
Fall to the floor
She cried as she
Carved that A
Upon her heart
Like she never had before
She held in the pain
To long you see
She wouldn’t quit
Until you could see
The N that ended it all.
What had this girl done
to cause her own death.
As she read the letters
she gasped for a breath
Evan she read I'll
love you till i die
They questioned as they
found her
Surrounded by her blood
A young girl died over love
that night and the only
thing she left behind for
them to find were
4 small letters
that read

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RameysGurl said...
Feb. 1, 2009 at 10:36 pm
This Poem shows alot of emotion and it has a sort of mysterious topic its a great piece of writing i like it. I enjoyed reading you piece of work.
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