Sestina about my Nana

December 12, 2011
Although we had
some tough times together,
I miss you still
and always will,
it was a pleasure,
to see you.

I miss doing things with you,
and all the fun we had.
Staying up till 10,
just to talk about nothing.
And watching scary movies,
and you getting very scared.

I’m still scared,
to think that i’m not with you,
and you’re not here anymore.
Not here to talk,
or to hang out,
or to calm me when i’m sad.

Although it makes me sad,
and scared,
to write a poem about this.
I knew if you
would be reading this,
you would be proud.

And when I think, I’m proud,
of you and how you would still watch those movies, even when you’re scared.
The memories we’ve had.
Drinking soda on the boat,
you cooking for me,
and eating lobster as a family.

We indeed are a family.
I feel proud,
just to say that.
and we will always will be,
a family,
Full of happiness

As we always will be a family.
I miss you Nana,
and I always will.

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