An Ode to Food

January 31, 2008
By Tal Shtulsaft, East Setauket, NY

My tummy rumbles
My taste buds grumble
It's been three hours
Since breakfast and I'm hungry.

My attention slacks-
My notes out-of-whack
It's been 2400 seconds
And I can't focus in French.

I write in cursive letters the food I crave,
As I curse out the teacher who said today
We couldn't eat in class.

These are the comfort foods that come forth to mind
Craving whatever, whenever, all the time
Like I'm nine months pregnant.

I dream of a hot fudge, ice cream candyland,
Crisp fortune cookies, sweet pineapple from a can.
My lunchtime shopping list:

Pizza, peach Snapple, Lays chips & salsa;
French fries, fried chicken, pickles & olives;
Silver dollar pancakes, buttery blue ribbon syrup;
Hazelnut coffee and cookies to dunk in.

My tummy rumbles
My taste buds grumble
Maybe I should just live in a supermarket.

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