January 31, 2008
By Jenna Richardson, Grandview, TX

When someone is gone,
You can never get them back.
No matter how hard you try,
They are gone forever.

Death comes as a terrible shock,
And is hard to comprehend.
No one knows when their time is up,
So don't ever miss a heartbeat without them.

Tell them you love them,
And you think about them all the time.
Give hugs every chance you get,
Who knows when you can do it again.

Pray for them every night
Asking God to watch over them.
Love them to no end,
And they will alwyas love you back.

Always forgive and forget,
And always say you are sorry.
Don't hold a grudge,
everyone makes mistakes.

When someone is gone
You'll miss them very much,
But always remember
They'll be with you forever.

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