February 1, 2008
By Stephanie Ayotte, Newport, NH

Inspiration spins from your magical wand
It breaks some ties, creates a new bond,
The art of beautiful letters
Tempting me to be better.

Life's too short, you waste too much time,
Willing to borrow a 20, but never give a dime,
Worried about a price, scared to change,
Do I sound pathetic, do they think I'm strange?

We care too much about others thoughts,
When all they feel is being tied in knots,
About to unravel, come undone,
Your words a trigger and your labels a gun.

You never know because you never think
Do my harsh words cause them to sink?
When you're standing above me, grinning with power,
Remember how you gained it, and does it make you a coward?

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