Rt. 38

April 6, 2008
By Sarah Kaplan, Moorestown, NJ

He was at a funeral hours before he was killed.
I don't understand why either one died.
I didn't know Evan, but now there's no need for a last name.

Yesterday I drowned my sorrows with the sound of soulful sadness.
"I don't want to forget the present is a gift..."

Life doesn't make sense.
I hate that people die.
A teenager should not have to die.
An innocent person should not have to die.

There should be a new part added to the road test.
Are you selfish? Check "No" or "Yes."

I hate the silence of the halls.

I forgot it's almost Christmas.

Some say it's fate.
Others think God's heart broke.
Still won't bring you back.
You finally made your mark on the school.
Picture hung up, and inscribed on a plaque read the words, "Died December 2007, Automobile Crash."

You may live on in my heart.
But I don't want you to dwell there.
Go on to greater heights; you've already paid the fare.

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