Why is Death So Slow

April 23, 2008
By Daniel Prebe, Elba, MN

Why is death so slow to come to all of us, it takes the ones we love and takes them in great times of perall of feat and of darkness agen i ask why is death so slow. It push's over us like a steamroller slowly crushing our bones getting happyer and happyer with each ear spliting screm like it feeds off our pain, and i ask why is death so slow? Some times wait for death so we jump for it, shoot for it, hang for, cut for it, and also posion for it. So why cant we live with out this slow coming imbrace of this man, so why is death so slow? Love is death, death is love, agen why is death slow. You see death is not slow he waits for us, he also has his blade forever around our necks so im telling u now grab life by the balls so it can come faster because if u make a wrong move thats it your gone. Your game of life just ends with on swipe of his blade. Now tell me why is life so un-forgiving? For u see we will all die so in some ways no one person is better than any one else because we all have one common faith and that is death. Death comes in many ways as a bullet in the face or poison mybe a heart attack what ever that face comes in WE WILL ALL DIE.

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rockinitout said...
on Oct. 27 2008 at 8:29 pm
I think you would enjoy reading some elegy's. Google them :)


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