Too Scared To Go It Alone, Emotion: Agent of Conciousness, Who I Am, Unnamed Pain, Boredom: State

April 22, 2008
By Angela Christian, Mirror Lake, NH

I want to save the world,

I want to protest for peace,

But I’m sacred to do it alone,

I tell others never to be scared,

As long as you’re standing up for what believe in,

Do it all from your heart,

They’re maybe not anyone around,

Shouting the news,

But you’re not alone,

And you should draw power from that,

Why is it,

That I can even fallow my own advice?

Others draw power from me,

I am they’re role model,

By why is it,

I can not be my own role model?

Why can’t I draw power from my self?

I’m a hermit with big dreams,

That will never be fulfilled,

To scared to let out,

I want to save the world,

I want to protest for peace,

But I’m sacred to do it alone,

So will you hold my hand,

And perch with me?


So sweet yet so sinister,

The silent killer,

What’s the point in having emotions?

Yes happiness is good,

but with happiness,

there is depression, sadness, and hopeless dreams,

With every joy we see,

there is killing forgetfulness,

Many have to be disoriented to find the truth,

to blinded by happiness,


The greatest gift other then life it self,


The worst gift other then life it self,

What would our days be with out smiles?

Without shouts of pain?

Emotions show us the way things are to be,

the way they are,

the way they were.

Emotions cover our eyes,

from seeing what we don’t want to see,

Emotions are what complex us,

the unknown,

We may think we are happy but deep down,

we are dieing from disappointment.

Why were we given this gift,

when it causes so much?

Should it really be called a gift?

Be happy but never let happiness cover your eyes from the truth

I am the same person I ever was,

Everyday I grow up more,

Re looking life,

Looking back at something realizing it's just childish,

But thinking more,

That was yesterday,

It all alters your life,

Every movement,

Every thought,

Every thing,

Down to the smallest things,

You wouldn't think it would,

But it does,

It's depressing to think back,

At how you have changed,

You still are you,

But your not,

It's interesting,

How every little thing,

Changes so much,

It's amazing,

My name maybe Angela Christian,

But that's not who I really am,

I am a thinker,

A career,

I'm me,

And no matter how much I change,

Nothing can change that

Deep nagging pain,

Tearing ripping,


I suffice,

It's hard for me to breath,

I use all my will power to hold it back,

I want to lease out,

I want to tear part everything,

The world is falling,

But no one listens,

My hand is bleeding,

The knuckles are turning white,

The tabling is bending from my fist pounding on it,

The pain can't be hidden,

It all explodes,

My face is turning a the darkest shade of red,

I start thinking if the modern emo ways help,

No I will not go down to those levels,

Slamming the door on my way out,

My parents looking completed after me,

Kicking stones as hard as one can,

Throwing them to great distants,

Nothing is helping,

Clapacing on the ground,


Looking up,

My glaze comes a crossed something,

Seen a million times before,

But never realized its true self,

I think back to what just happened,

Had I over reacted?

Even if I had,

I can't change it now,

Opening the door,

Walking in quietly,

Giving my mother a big hug,

Going back to where I was,

The pain comes back,

Time repeats it self.

Boredom is a state of mind that can't be escaped,

You can over come it at anytime,

But it keeps comeing and never really leaves,

Your mind is always swimming,

You don't need,

All these things to entertain you,

You just need a mind,

And something to ponder,

We only get bored,

For we are to dependent,

On things,

Like computers,

And the television,

To entertain us,

We get bored fast,

Part of the reason,

Why the world is going to hell,

Is people only know what they see on TV,

And they watch all those movies where it's good to kill people,

Do drugs,

Rape women,

And more,

We mimic what we see in TV,

Then when we get bored with that,

We go to the game boys,

The game cubes,

No one now a days really knows how to think on their own,

They don't read books,

And if they do it's a book for cheat codes,

Or a comic book,

Boredom can be over come at anytime,

But most of us lack what is needed to do so,

So next time when you go to your TV,

Pick up a book instead,

You may not be the best reader but,

At least you're doing something worthwhile,

Over come that boredom,

Be your person

I look in the mirror and what do I see,

I see just another face,

I turn around,

Other faces are pushing to see them self's,

Their world is based on looks,

Mine is based on the world,

What if we took away the make up,

The hair spray,

And all that other jazz,

This world would be a lot better,

Of course we would still take baths,

Brush our hair,

Brush our teeth,

The basic stuff,

But some people would save millions!

And think about all those bottles and cans,

That your beauty products come in,

Where do all those go?

Most of it can't be recycled,

The hair spray is "killing" the ozone because of the condensed air,

People take to much time each day trying to look their best,

Ok so once in a while I like to try to dress nice,

But I don't spend half my life in front of the mirror,

People are still pushing and shoving,

The mirror falls and breaks,

What are you going to do now?

What you like your looks that much,

I dare you for one month to try to not care about your looks,

Don't put all that make up on and hide your true self,

Try to help out,

Even if it's cutting your hair and donating it,

Just do something!

I feel sick,

But I'm not sick,

I'm sick with depression,

The headaches,


Stuffy nose,

The over all a head cold,

It's just a disguised,

To cover whats going on,

I'm giving up,

All my hope is lost,

But I'm not,

And it hasn't,

My mind is swarming,

I feel presser,

My head is going to explode,

I'm just here,

Or at least I want to be,

I can't hide from the truth,

Nor hide the truth it self,

The world is hell,

It will always will be,

People just don't care anymore,

Or they care but they wont do anything,

Because they think it is a lost cause,

But its not a lost cause,

If we all didn't think it was,

There is hope,

But its just lost for now,

I'm confused,

I feel as if I have lost it,

I just want to hide from it,

Sleep all day and night never wakening up,

I'm sick with emotions,

But it has affected my whole life,

I don't know who to turn to,

Even if I did,

I wouldn't know what to say,

I want to be alone but,

I need someone by my side,

Depression hurts everyone

I feel betrayed,

My emotions are choking me,

My heart is racing,

All the anger I have shoved away,

Is coming,

There is no way to stop it,

Its poring out of me,

The people who I called friends,

Are acting as if we are emames,

Throwing out everything we have,

Yet holding back the bomb,

I know in this war,

I am over reacting,

But who couldn't,

In war we are lose cannons,

Fireing everywhere,

There are no bounders,

But then we soon forget,

Why we are at war,

And normally it's about something stupid,

I wish I hadn't said/ done the things I did,

And yet I am proud of myself,

For finally bring my self up to doing what I think is right,

Even if it isn't,

I still feel betrayed even tho,

The anger has worn off

jake gave me the idea for this peom: judging people
Current mood: blank
Category: Writing and Poetry

Everyday someone is judging someone else,

It's the way of people,

But why do we judge other people?

Expshaly people we don't know,

We all get judged,

But whats the point in judging each other?

To make our self's seem superior?

But really if you make everyone feel,

And seem like out casts,

Then you soon will become lonely,

And you too will be an out cast,

We all are the same,

bespit the fact we each are different,

Each of us thinks our own way,

We look different,

Where we came from,

Our background,

And much more are different,

But we all are equal,

Have you ever noticed that the "greatest" people to know,

Are the ones,

Who have to put up with others bull shit,

Just because they're different,

To all you people who think there perfect,

And think everyone should be like you,

But if they became like you,

Are you going to be happy?

Why cant we live as one,

People everyday tell they're children to be different,

And yet they want them to be the same,

So what are you going to do?

Be like everyone else judging people,

Or are you going to do something about it?

I want to be different,

But why am I so different that's its hard to find people to relate to,

We all are different,

In our own way,

But why do I have to be the open-minded kid,

Why do I have to be the kid who cares?

Or really be the kid who wants to be me and no one else,

I turn around and what do I see?

I see gangster want a be's,

I see hip-hop people want to be's,

Just to sum it up I see want to be's,

Why is it I don't want to be a want to be?

Ok I am but for me its different,

I want to be, a want a be!

I'm too different to be pulled into the crowed,

I don't get pulled in,

I blend in,

But I don't,

Its like that zit under your skin,

That's not red and yucky looking,

But its this HUGE big bump,

I'm that zit,

I want to find somewhere where I belong,

Where there are others like me,

So I can be different with out being different,

I want to speak my mind,

But I cant,

I'm so different,

That I'm the same,

Why can't I escape out if this?

There is an escape,

But I'm not ready for that,

I'm lost,

Even tho I know whats going on,

I'm proud to be an indival,

But is it possible to be an indival ,

With out being a indival?

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