My gift to you

November 17, 2011
By Erika1029384756 BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
Erika1029384756 BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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It started to tear,
My heart started to tear.
And it felt like silver splinters,
Cold in crisp winter air.

And right there it froze,
My blood and my mind, both froze.
Like swimming through sun flares,
The pain starting at my toes.
But I still swam,
Not knowing how I still swam.
I could feel the numb,
Grasping onto my ribs like a clam.

Eventually I just let go.
Stopped trying and let go.
Because trying was too hard,
And I stopped that pathetic show.

And now I'm here,
Not there, but here.
Showing you what you did to me.
And you won't see me tear.

I'm gonna give you a gift,
I nice, friendly gift.
It's what you deserve,
It might give you a little lift.

It's silver, kind of shiny.
Yes, very shiny.
And it might hurt for just a second.
That second very tiny.

But you'll be thankful in the end,
In the very, very end.
You won't even remember what happened.
Because my life to you, I will not lend.

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