Two Years Strong

November 2, 2011
By KaseyMae PLATINUM, Rocky Face, Georgia
KaseyMae PLATINUM, Rocky Face, Georgia
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Love's a war you'll never win, just stop fighting, just give in.
Break the rules, Stand apart, Ignore your head, Follow your heart
When the time comes, baby don't run, just Kiss Me Slowly.<3

They swear it happened overnight,

But we both know the truth.

We know just how long it's been,

Two years going, me and you.

They swear it'll never last.

They say we're too young for it to be true.

We know they're wrong, and it'll find a way.

Two years still counting, me and you.

They swear we don't know what we're doing,

But we both know we do.

They say it'll only end awfully, but we've got

Two years behind us, me and you.

They swear we've finally gone crazy,

but atleast it's both of us two.

They think this'll never be, but,

Two years' feelings are between us, me and you.

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