Slipped Away

March 25, 2008
I can hear my world whisper,

A secret let loose by a drifter.
Eyes follow me endlessly,

Spreading the whisper quietly.
The trouble it may cause,

Puts my life on pause.
Breathless love seems to await,

While I box my heart in an empty crate.
The tears I shed,

Make my life dread.
I hear his call,

And every time I fall.
The heart I lost,

And the price it cost.
While my mind is woken,

My heart is broken.
My only fear,

Is my end is near.
I haven't any tears left to cry,

And life often feels as though it's a lie.
Now I'm his to embarrass,

How could I have been so careless?
My heart and my mind fight,

Each and every night.
He seems to be all I think about,

That's for sure without a doubt.
I am torn in two,

Mind, body and soul, through and through.
It was at first a goal,

But now it is such a toll.
Every time I see him I regret the madness,

And feel all of my sadness.
It used to be a simple crush,

That's gotten so complex my heart has turned to mush.
When I sometimes think about how I feel,

A face appears on a motion picture reel.
I am lost if I could not see those eyes,

When I send messages I don't get replies.
I sing another sad song,

The ones that I have been singing for way too long.
It is a love beyond what I can imagine

A heart I can and can’t win.
He gets me so off track,

That I have to fight to get back.
When he looks me in the eyes,

My heart, Dies.
The words I can not say,

And the ones I put into play.
I feel a tightness in my chest that makes it hard to breathe,

I feel my throat closing as my chest begins to heave.
I think of words to say, and as I do, I fumble,

And what little comes out is a mumble.
We used to laugh and flirt,

But now I only stare at the dirt.
A love that was served up on a silver tray,

But as I watched quietly the one I love,

Slipped away.

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