We're on the Road to Perdition

March 17, 2008
By Adele Smith, Rochester, NY

We're on the road to Perdition,
and on every corner there is a Christian,
chanting a mantra of Revelation.
Our hearts are filled with trepidation.

What is life?

Birthing, eating, drinking, sleeping, belching, drooling, bleeding, dying.


Life is the bottom of a whiskey bottle.
Life is heroin injections.
Life is the mother of a jailbreak killer.
Life is working to rise above the filth.
Life is a bullet riddled brain.

Put the key in the ignition and drive.
Don't praise God that you're alive.
Spend your time trying to survive.
It's on crime that people like you and me thrive

So go be a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

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