I'm Done

March 14, 2008
By Kylee Eggers, Streator, IL

The beats get faster
The screams get louder
But the voice gets quieter

It so dark inside
But so bright outside
“Why” you may wonder
But “no” I won’t tell

You try and understand
But it’s just so complicated
You didn't take the time back when
So why take the time now
You laughed then.
But cry now

You say I'm different
But you really don't know me
You looked down at me
But I always looked up at you
I smiled
While you frowned.

Why am I different
Or am I just dead inside
While everyone else is alive and living

I hide my face down below
So you can no longer see
The marks you have caused
On this creation you made

My friends are gone
Not because of me
But because you have scared them away
They no long help me
When I need them the most

So next time you see me
Don’t come and talk
Because I'm done with you
And all that you have done to me

You have ruined my life enough
I'm tired and I'm stressed
I just want to go home
Not where you used to hit me
And scream at me
But the “home”
You always loved me at

I want everything back
Just not you
You tore my heart apart
And there is no repairing it

So just leave
Like you've done all along
Don't ever come back
because i got tired of waiting
For the person
I once loved along time ago

You say I'm different
But look at you
you don't even smile
when the joke is so true

I wanted to remember
all the good times
I've had
But seeing you
brings tears to my eyes

So i finally say good bye
to everything and everyone
So step aside
And let me live my own life

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