by himself no ones help

October 6, 2011
By thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
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By himself no one’s help
When love comes, love goes
Love is like a rolling stone
It comes in to your life as hard as it could be
Knock you down and leave you to bleed
Hit you out of nowhere when you’re not expecting it
Leave you damaged from the culprit
Left you in your own thoughts not knowing what to do
Dreaming of that one day but when your mind will come out the blue
When will people realized that this is not a game
You’re stuck in a world of grief and pain
Have no one to turn to Cause no one knows you
They think they do but not the real you
So here you are just you by your self
Just like it always been you with no help
But shucks nobody gives an eff
It’s like they don’t care -then why should you?
Listen up you came into this world on your own
And in the end you will die alone
But in between that you have a life
Something that you decide whether or not you like
And in it people come and go
They could either make you happy or make you feel low
But there are people that you called true friends
Those are the ones that will stick with you until the end
They’re the ones that should tell you what’s up no matter what
They should have your back on lock
They should always be real to you
They should prevent you from making yourself look like a fool
Everybody should have a true friend, except for me
I thought I had one but she wasn’t real
My life has always been a lie
And the people in it are making it collide
The one’s aren’t yet are waiting on the side
You see there’s a story I have to tell
It’s about this boy two girls that fell
Yes indeed he fell for two girls
From two different worlds
One that hurt him in the past
The other one got hurt in her last
So he was confused and didn’t know what to do
So he picked but he was wrong to choose
Perhaps he should’ve let god help him in the choice
Cause the one he chose hurt him again but this time on a devise
Yea she broke up with him over a text
Now he’s all heart broken and upset
The girl that he should’ve chose hate’s his guts
But who can blame her it just wasn’t his luck
Now the person he wants to run to is his befriend (true friend)
You would think she would be there but guess again
She’s just too into her boyfriend to ever care to help him
So like I said he’s by himself
Just him with no one’s help
Locked in a room that’s suffocating him
He comes to find out it’s just his feelings
It’s taking over his whole body
Making him feel like he’s nobody
Stuck inside his own head
Having thoughts wishing he was dead
Planning out the prefect suicide
Keeping it until he decides, whether he lives or dies
He’s going insane about everything
This boy needs help but where should we bring him
He is not the same for he is changing
Into something much worse than we think

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