The Beach Day

October 14, 2011
The sand sticks between my toes
As I run through the water.
Little waves crash on my legs
As the wind catches my hair.

Laughter hits me from all around
As all the children splash.
Little fish make them laugh with glee
As seaweed makes them scream.

My siblings play in the cool, green water
As I swim with my best friend.
Little sister clad in pink and black swims past
As whit seagulls fly overhead.

Hamburgers sizzle somewhere
As the delicious scent wafts by.
Little boys sniff the aroma of hot dogs
As cookies sweeten the air.

The spiciness of the steak fills my mouth
As my friend munches cool salad.
Little brothers tear into creamy doughnuts
As my sister sips fruity punch.

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