Tragic Loss, Love is What We Need

February 24, 2008
Goodbye glory, goodbye happiness,
Goodbye what you helped me foresee,
You were strong that showed sarrow,
Intelligence of what it may be,
Goodbye what you had helped me become,
But soon enough I shall run,
Far, far away,
Away from this mess,
Soon to come from this loneliness,
I shall begin to cry without a lie,
As I solemnly say "you are the reason for my conclusion"
It seemed as if everything you told me was just an illusion,
For what I must say,
You should pay,
You are the one that forgot who I am,
You see me now hand and hand,
I must take a stand,
Of what I believe,
But for now,
All the good yet to come,
You will forever be my one...
You told me you loved me,
But now not so sure,
She came between us,
You ran to her,
So save your breath,
Take a rest,
And make me see,
How you and me were supposed to be,
Together Forever,
That's what you said,
But everything turned in to such a dread,
I thought you could have been my one,
But once again I am wrong,
And when i hear that song,
Of Butterflies and laughter,
He says what's the matter,
It's called a burning passion,
Within my heart,
To share what we have in common,
But for most of all our differences is what brought me to you,
But you didn't see how much that hurt,
But for now,
All I can do is frown,
Upon all that we've made in such a sucsess,
Shared our hopes and dreams with,
It felt like nothing could break us apart,
It felt like one big warm fuzzy heart,
In this little place,
I once had ever felt safe,
In his arms,
All these alarms had gone off in my head,
And that's when he had said,
We will be together,
Together forever,
We shall never be apart,
We would conquer every obstacle,
And that's all you had to show me,
Then I could see,
Everything you told me,
Was so clear,
You whispered into my ear,
How much you loved me,
You told me so,
To both him and I,
We were the only ones yet to know,
All of our secrets,
Everything we would've never told anyone,
It felt like a ton,
Of jumbles words,
He sang like a bird,
Everything that we'd ever said,
When we layed in bed,
All that mattered was that we had each other,
We had our colours,
But now that he is gone,
Everything seems as just a cluster,
Of problems,
That we use to discuss together,
And he told me forever,
How did I know that it wasn't going to last,
But as long as it lasted,
It sure was a blast,
I sure do miss him,
Especially kissing him,
But that didn't matter,
Now when I think about him all I hear is a clatter,
Of everything that I had ever thought about him,
Said to him,
Just to be with him,
Had jumbled,
All around,
But for me to forget,
That could never happen,
All that we've been through,
Is now just a memory,
Now that he's gone,
I feel so lost and empty,
When I was with him everything I thought it was because of her,
He left me,
And I wasn't so sure,
He was the one that made me do,
And he had no clue,
He wasn't the only one,
That knew what was yet to come,
No one knew only some,
The reason for what had happened today,
I should have stopped it,
I could have made a difference,
And that's why I ran,
He was the biggest man,
Ever to step foot,
In ashes and soot,
For all around,
That's when I found,
My every emotion,
I had such a devotion,
I made such a promise to him,
I shall keep my every word in,
As I sin all within me,
He will forever hold the key,
The only one ever made,
It's in this big cage,
And that is,
The key to my heart,
The key to my soul,
The way he lies beneath,
All this tragedy,
I have such a relief,
For my day to come,
Then I will forever regain my one,
I see him every now and then,
As I look up in to the blazing sun,
So extremely hot,
Every time I think about him I feel as if I get shot,
With a bow and arrow,
Right in the heart,
For him to be gone,
I shall shone,
Every emotion we felt together,
I will remember him forever,
I will die with his memory within me,
He was beloved,
Any one would do anything to find that,
We were all proud of him for that,
He was the only one that was true,
Not only to me but to everyone else that he knew,
I lost a part of me,
Everything I had to be,
When I saw you with her that day,
That’s when I say,
There’s going to be an end to this,
Seal it with a kiss,
And to that day I still pray,
You showed me,
You proved to me,
That I wasn’t the only one that felt that way,
After what happened that day,
All I needed from you,
Was to believe and have faith,
You even thought we should be together,
That’s when you said forever,
But now not so sure,
That’s when you ran to her,
You lead the way,
Straight in my day,
You told me to hold the key,
He said “when I come back we can be free”,
To be together forever,
And that’s everything he said….
Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do,
The day that it happened,
Was the worst day we knew,
It came as a shock,
It was this big block,
Standing at that cemetary everything was blackened,
Now everything i see had lost it's tone,
That will never be forgotten,
As long as I live,
When my day comes,
We shall reunite,
Then everything will go back to being such a delight,
Now that he's gone,
I feel ever so frightened,
But everytime I think about him everything brightens,
Back up to full speed,
But for now I think I should lead,
When that night arose it felt like I fell apart,
As if everything I lived for had disapeared in to dark,
He helped me see everything that I was missing but how come now all I'm missing is him....
He was my every inspiration...

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