Tribute to a Friend

February 18, 2008
By Francis Dacasin, Milpitas, CA

With your eyes at the sidewalk,
You can't focus on the good.
you don't noticeall your traits,
When I know you really should.

You think life is just a waste.
A dissapointment till the end,
When i'm here to clarify the plus,
With these lyrics that i send.

A beautiful mind is what you have,
A kind soul you've been granted.
You've looked pasted the evil down fall,
With the many you've been handed.

You ove came the high fences,
That grew on these roads.
you've struggled to smile,
Through all those lies you've been told.

Well here come the truth,
That all things bad will soon end.
Beacuse you've inspired this song,
the day you became my friend.

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