From the Beginning...

March 6, 2008
By Lizzy Combs, Puyallup, WA

From the beginning we're all looking for our happy ending..
A way out of this hell hole we call life.

All the strife that happeneds all those knives that are so firmly planted,

those tears that seem to lose every bit of meaning they've ever had everytime they're spilled,

The thrills that seemed so great at the time, and then all those moments we find when we were so unhappy.

Those minutes when we listen to classic songs like bohemian rhapsity and wished people thought so deeply like Freddy Mercury did.

Don't you just wish you could rewind all those horrible times that seem to happen oh too often?

All the days when you just couldn't wait for them to be over,

When all we could want is that fast forward button?

Day's like today,

that seem so useless and meaningless,

that make you feel like crying, trying to dry all the tears stained into you

all those moments you thought you knew/loved just became untrue.

And the only person you've ever loved.. Will never love you, not really.

You can have all the pity and sorrow in the world, nothing gets better,

when everything keeps going up and down.


Your smile will eventually frown,

You will later drown yourself in emotionless tears that used to be used for laughter.

Those days that used to make you feel flattered are all gone, empty once again.

And no these painfull memories are not meant to be mend.

They take the place of the ones that are supposed to be there.

The ones that in movies seem so real and wonderful,
look at us.

So unworthy of dreaming our own dreams,
making our own fates seem more and more unreachable.

We just keep digging ourselves in this monsterous hole that
seems so deep,
that the loudest sound or the tiniest peep,
will go unnoticed.


My poems are all filled with sorrow yes,

I find it easier to find the hurt than all the bliss I'm blessed with.

I'm not good enough,

I'll never be.

So it seems.

You know why your dreams are so unachievable?

Because you're all like me,
and just wollow in the past of your self pity and
wish for someone to help you because you're lost.

At the cost of this,
you lose it all.

This is how you become empty,
forgotten, a dream.

Stop now,
before it's too late.

Fate can be changed,
but no matter what your pain wont ever be completely erased.


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