Forest Falling

March 6, 2008
By Erica Zentner, Clarkston, MI

The forest whispers it’s sad, mournful song,
One of betrayal, destruction and wrong.

And inside the forest the animals weep,
Their precious homes they no longer keep.

The man-made machines are quickly coming,
The noises they make, like some evil drumming.

The animals flee and try to escape,
But those machines cover the ground like a cape.

The dreadful deaths, no way for goodbye,
Countless species are sure to die.

The trees can only stand so tall,
The humans will come and they’re sure to fall.

But the help of the people, the forest does seek,
The destruction’s left them brittle and weak.

So lend out a hand—show them you care,
Together’s the difference if only you dare.

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