Late Again

March 3, 2008
By Kayla Jefferies, Texarkana, TX

It was Sunday morning
I felt tired and boring
I had to find something to do

For school is tommorrow
So dreadful with sorrow
This day must be great, I knew

I sat up in bed
and shook my messy head
and turned on my TV with hope

I searches through the chans
Finding cartoons and bands
yet I soon began to mope

I slouched to my kitchen
dreaming and wishin
we had some kind of good food

For I foind didly-squat
Felt well I did not
Being hungry had changed my mood

This day is so boring
Everyone is still snoring
Wait! I insane???

Yeasterday was Sunday
.....which is Monday!!!
GASP! Im late again! What a shame.

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