It still hurts

July 18, 2011
Wonder woman, so strong and independent.
The type of person that is my role model.
I envy those who can handle pain.
I bury my problems deep within my soul.
I carry on with a joyful disposition only to please everyone only to please everyone else.
It is sad to think that any one could have the power to break my insides so easily to the point where i can't function.
You left to me fend for my self.
all alone with no explanation, I barely hold on.
He left me too.
His body a robot, going through the motions as if I don't notice.
Finally I escape, leaving both of you, only to end up hurting you aswell.
I am dying inside.
I hide behind humor all the while I am wrapped in sadness.
I am broken.
I cling on to whoever I can find.
I stilll cant find the light.
I roam in the darkness.
My prayers cant even seem to escape my lips.
It appears you too have made up.
Every one is back to normal.
My light will never be its brigthest.
Everyday the essence of those dark times stilll linger.
Now I am left with a confused brain and a tear stained pillow.
I am happier now but i willl always be afraid that with just three words you could break me again.
I love you both, but sometimes it is too much to handle.
You left me
forever broken...

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