Tree House

June 20, 2011
By strangerthanreality BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
strangerthanreality BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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Wooden planks and metal nail
The building blocks to an awesome tree house
That certainly did not epically fail

Nudged right between two large branches in the canopy
It overlooked the entire neighborhood scene
But its owner sadly enough was doing no philanthropy

What with real glass windows and soda pop cans of fizz
All kept cold by the ice-filled cooler
It was something, he would keep his

But when the local neighborhood kiddies came running to the tree house with hope
He gave them all a glance
But take my soda cans? I think, nope!

But when the evil owner left and the tree house was bare
The local kids saw their opportunity
And the owner's right to boss them around they would impair

When he came back to rule the tree
He found his house up there full of others
He thought how could this be?

The windows were being cracked, the soda being drunk
His hopes of tree house domination
were quickly being sunk

But oh, one last hope
to gain back his tree house
He pleaded with them, to toss him down a rope

They considered his cry, considered his woe
But they had had enough with his tyrannical reign
and they replied forcefully, “No!”

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