The Being

February 28, 2008
In this eternal cosmic space we call the universe,
there is a beastly being.
This being is called a centrifugal plague by some,
and a petrifying nightmare by others.
This being is Breast cancer.

This being can cripple the most hard-boiled soldiers,
And can strip the life out of the most vivacious individuals.
It can topple the most stable beings,
and much to it's dismay it brings out the raw marvelous spirit of mankind.

This great and terrible being, brings out joy in the most depressed souls.
It brings new hope to the desolate barren wasteland of people's lives,
And can rekindle a crestfallen spirit.

In a world where "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger",
this being makes this statement so undeniably true.
It makes life so satisfyingly sweet,
when you survive it's horrendous wrath.

This is why you must combat this invader,
you must stay strong, and believe in all that is good.
You must remember that miracles are a phenomenon,
that are always happening.


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