When Words Turn Violent

June 2, 2011
Right before our concert, he says he has to talk to me
He says I’m annoying, and a huge loser too
I say that I wish I’d never met you
I run away from him, a storm of distress
I return home with tears on my cheeks, claiming I just need some rest
The very next day, when I walk to school
I hear my name and turn around to see the face of Cruel
What do you want? I hear myself say
His naive reply; I was wondering if we could hang out today
Apparently all thoughts have left his mind
Of our fight yesterday, could he have forgiven, put it behind?
If he has, I don’t care
We are no longer a pair
No, I never want to see you again!
Why are you acting like this, Jen?
You’re a jerk, that’s why; you made me cry!
Then why were we friends?
For years upon years, was it all just pretend?
No, I couldn’t fake that
Then why did you even join the band, you stuck up brat?!
I did it for you, I whisper so silent
But then your words turned violent
The love was held at bay
Every time you opened your mouth, I shied away
I’m so sorry, I didn’t know!
Well, you should have thought of that a while ago
Now my heart is in two, and it’s all because of you
I wish I’d never met you, because
You’re a jerk
You’re annoying, and a big loser too

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