January 12, 2008
By Rebecca Caron, North Monmouth, ME

when I read your letter
it got me thinkin’
like when we were butterflies
(do you remember?)
and you told me

change, it’s good
it gives you wings
and I said no
it makes you a stranger
and I hid and you couldn’t find me
for hours and hours
then we said sorry
and we didn’t change no more.
when I read your letter
I started thinkin’
maybe it’s like when we
hugged until we were
the same person
and I was you and you
got scared and wanted yourself back,
and I didn’t tell you but
I wanted you too.
when I read your letter
I realized something:
we’ve always been scared of us
and ourselves and butterflies
the two of us, we’re scared of leaving
but here’s a secret
(we’re more scared of loving)
so why don’t you come home and we won’t leave no more.

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