My mind is twisted

December 6, 2007
my mind is all twisted because of you. i wanna be with you but i cant. i wanna talk to you but i cant. i think about you more and more as each day goes by. your always in my thoughts all day everyday. i wanna be with you but i cant. the way i feel for you has no words. when im not with you it over bears me and i cant control myself when you come around me. i want you more than you want me. when you touch me i cant help but to act the way i act around you. me just tastin your lips one time i cant control myself. if i could i would be with you. if i cant i dot know what i would do. jus me thinkin about our bodies combining as one makes me want you even more. i wish you and i were together. forever in a day always. i want you so bad i cant even mention your name. i think about you everyday just thinkin maybe just maybe we could be together forever your always on my mind. when i dont see you even for a couple of minutes i want you more and more. even though im with somebody else im thinkin bout you the whole time i cant concentrate on nuthin because im thinkin bout you always. im confused cause im with someody i love but i love you more. i keep my feelings for you bottled up inside me. i kn ow you feel he same way about me because we talk everyday you say you love me and you wanna be with me i feel the same way aout you. you know i do love you. your all i think about. your the inspiration for this poem. i wanna menion your name but i cant. Man I Kant Explain

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