I was born in to your amazing world

February 7, 2008
By Brandie Cooper, Andrews, SC

I was born in to your amazing world
I was their beautiful little girl

Troubles and problems got in your way
The devil in your mind made you give us away

Life has been rough through every obstacle
God was there with every miracle

Do I have looks of mother, and brains of the father
I grew with myself and it always left that bother.

Told by the courts that where you are is where you were to stay
Life, and growth with out ya’ll until we are of age

Him and I was all I thought was made
I later found that there are six and hidden in the shade

I now eighteen came to find my father
From a keepsake obituary of my past grandmother

I opened my heart and let it out to the ones who raised me
I told them I told them of my secrets and hoped they would hate thee

They dream of rainbows from the rains
All hoping that my choice of other colors I do refrain

I heart there calls, I feel there pain
But judging another has nothing to gain

I am out now I know you hear my call
They that I will but I know I will not fall

I serve the people and am in the guard
I believe in happiness and know the work is hard

I am soon to marry but after all the goals
I live for lord and try to play by all his roles

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