Fleeing Death

May 10, 2011
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Flying through the dark,
On these wings of paper,
Searching for the light,
Bur finding only fear,
Disheartened and broken,
My resolve begins to fail.

The light begins to fail,
In this land of dark,
Where I am the only thing that can be broken,
It might as well be paper,
Trying to inspire fear,
My only hope is the light.

Where is the light,
That is threatening to fail,
Leaving me with only fear,
Alone in the dark,
Clinging to hopes on paper,
Hoping not to be broken.

Threatening to get broken,
Before I've found the light,
Shredded like paper,
I cannot fail,
My heart is drinking in the dark,
In an ocean of fear.

Cringing at the fear,
My heart is broken,
Filled by the dark,
Wishing for the light,
That has already failed,
Like it was made of paper.

Torn and tattered like paper,
Sinking into a pit of fear,
I'm wishing i hadn't failed,
And fallen into the pit, broken,
Snatched away from the light,
Shoved into the dark.

Trying not to fail, to fall down into the dark,
Tossed like paper in the wind, away from hope, away from the light,
Filled with fear, lying down, broken.

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