The Disc Throw

May 10, 2011
By PrinceAlbert BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
PrinceAlbert BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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I'd like to think of it as a poem. The critical opening phrase of this poem will always be the grip. the hand divides the disc in half with the pointer at the top it slightly curls around the edge. the thumb relaxed in whatever position then the throw I start by putting my hand on the "top shelf" then the first step is long and overlaps the planted foot the second step slides smoothly behind the first as if my legs and doing a dance of there own. Once there is maximum torque between my upper and lower body I start to release like the tension of a rubber band being snapped my shoulders and arms begin to twist keeping the disc on the "top shelf" then finishing with my eyes on the sky I give a little nod to the gods and after that its all up to the disc. All finishes are unique but the best throws aren't watched by the thrower because if the throw is good all the energy should go into the throw there's no time to be a spectator.

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