The Moment

May 12, 2011
By Cas-tastrophy BRONZE, Cartersville, Georgia
Cas-tastrophy BRONZE, Cartersville, Georgia
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I’m looking for the future
But all I see’s the past.
It’s really not that funny
That hope could never last.
I guess I never realized
Though it stared me in the face
That wishing for a moment
Was a moment not to waste.
And in the end I’m lonely
Left in wisps of dreams
Vanishing in a sparkle
Choked of their soft gleam.
Grief within flows forward
Of days I’ve locked in deep
Of times with screams I’ve swallowed
And tears I’ve yet to weep.
So here again I’m standing
Watching through the rain
As summer turns to spring
And the moon turns wax and wane.
Forgotten in that moment
That I longed for long ago
Where I too could be remembered
Where I could also grow.
But that heaven is forbidden
To one who doesn’t know
So I’m left out in the cold
With a harsh wind to blow.
Buried in the silence
Of things I’ve yet to say
And the one thing I long to hear,
“I love you today”.
I’m looking for the future
In turn wasting my past
Now isn’t this funny?
It wasn’t meant to last…

The author's comments:
This was written when I was rather depressed. A lot of different situations caused it.

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