Rose of Endearment

April 26, 2011
By Pickles96 BRONZE, Sandpoint, Idaho
Pickles96 BRONZE, Sandpoint, Idaho
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The Rose of Endearment

The sweet wind blows the misty valley,
The feeling in the air is as eerie as an abandoned alley.
Across the lake lay a cave,
At first it seems a ghostly as a grave.

Look a little closer and you will see,
A tattered black rose is the key.
In the cave lay an old dragon,
His bones creak with the wind, his tail is a draggin’.
As he comes upon the entrance, he heaves a sigh.
The time of his death is sadly nigh.

Yes indeed his time had come,
The bell of his life has nearly rung.
But don’t worry now,
He didn’t belong here anymore, not no way, not no how.

It all started a few centuries ago,
Back when the lake wasn’t low.
He and his wife were flying along,
When they stopped for a drink, but everything seemed wrong.
An odd smell filled the air, the smell of foul humans.
Armed with a ghastly galore of gleaming weapons.

They’d heard tale of dragons in the valley,
News traveled soon down every street and alley.
The humans were here to capture their prize,
The dragons soon realized their unfortunate demise.

The old dragon saw what was going to happen,
Though he wish he hadn’t.
He knew he was too late,
But his wife was perfect bait.

After all, he loved her. Why wouldn’t they?

The gun was shot, the sound echoed through the valley.
“My dear! My Callie!”
His wife fell to the ground,
The dragon was filled with fury. His fists he did pound.
But he knew he was too weak for these men,
So he flew off in tears. But then,
He looked back in sorrow, and saw his dear wife,
Next to a bed of black roses. He then flew back in strife!
During a quick whoosh of a flight he managed to grab one single black rose.
He then muttered an old hymn, mourning in her death as his wings rose.

I promise my dear,
Through every tear,
I shall remember you,
I promise to live as you never had the chance, for you.
I don’t fear,
For I know that you are watching me my dear.

But please, wait for me.

He landed back in his cave to mourn and rest,
But he failed at his promise, as if it were a test.
Since, for the next hundred years he never came out of his cave,
It was like the old dragon’s living grave.

Until one rainy, windy day, he got the call.
He knew this day was worth it, worth suffering them all.
Because now he could join his wife,
And put an end to this awful life.
So for the last time he soared through the air,
Like a mighty eagle without a care.

Holding on to the black rose, his key to eternity.

Landing in a bed of black roses, by a now shallow lake.
He lay his head, this coming sleep was no fake.
As the mighty dragon closed his eyes.

His claw relaxed, letting go of his rose of endearment.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for an English poem, I have always liked dragons and black roses so this whole thing just came to me.

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