I Am Only A Kid

May 8, 2011
By Gabrealla_ BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Gabrealla_ BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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There's so much to say,
but no words can describe it.
My feelings are strong,
and there's no way to hide it.
I just need you to give me something,
your time of day.
And let me say what I need to say.
It won't take long,
maybe and hour or two.
Just please babe,
let me do what i need to do.
I need to tell you every little feeling,
about everything.
All about lies,
and my late night cries.
Something inside tells me you wont care.
I can't find the words to say this,
it's almost like choking on air.
My feelings are unstoppable they just pour and pour.
They need to go away because, you and me,
there is no more.
Maybe one day I can gain up courage,
and tell you from my heart.
I'm sorry for anything i did.
yeah its learning in process,
but you should understand,
I am only a kid. </3

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