Lies From Your Beautiful Mouth

April 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom
I Love you
I Love you too
Lies from your beautiful mouth
I don’t remember when the cycle began
But for as long as I remember there’s been a cycle
He’s gone
He’s back
He’s gone
He’s back
He’s gone
He’s back
And your different
Remember those long talks we would have
Told you everything
Now he’s back
And he means everything
For all my life you chose him over me
We used to be bestfriends but now I can see
Your true side
Do this
Do that
Do everything , he says
Commander, what does he do?
But yell and abuse you
That’s what my childhood’s been
Watching him paint bruises on your skin
But still you have him here
No job, being an alcoholic
Why mom?
Why do you let him hurt us?
Ripping us apart
And make our lives so much harder
And when tears of self-conscienceness stream down my face
You say,
“Your beautiful, I love you”
But when he makes you mad you say
“I hate you, just leave”
And so I dedicate these scars on my arm to you
Mom you’ve brought so much pain to your little girl
And all I can ask is why?
And I will sit on the edge of your bed in your arms and cry
But one day I will stop asking why.

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