Chasing Childhood

January 27, 2008
By Alisa Tiwari, Chevy Chase, MD

I had a dream last night
Where I saw childhood run away.
I chased it till I could no more
And everything faded to grey.

What happened to the picnics?
Cotton candy at the fair?
Nobody goes anymore,
Too busy to even care.

Where are the dress up clothes?
Trips for ice cream after school?
Now we're doing homework,
Or pretending not to if you’re cool.

Lets blow bubbles in our milk!
Bake cookies and eat the dough!
Oh, you cant eat on that diet?
You realize that your ribs show?

Who is on the playground?
Why shouldn’t that be me?
Wait, take a hit, have a shot
In morning you wont feel so happy

I want to jump on my bed,
And then dance in the rain!
But who goes outside anymore?
Nature isn’t cool enough to entertain.

Lets finger paint on the floor,
Run barefoot in the mud!
Oh you don’t like to get dirty?
Ah, you just got your nails done.

Cant you find the monopoly board?
Lets make something out of clay!
If I said such things aloud
I’d have no one with which to play.

I woke up the next morning
Wondering why I was so blue.
And I realized it was no dream
I let childhood go too soon.

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