Go On, Take It

June 19, 2008
By Kaleigh Boyd, Mill Creek, WA

The brown beer bottle sliding across the countertop
Meeting the lips of its willing victim
Sliding down the now throbbing throat
And joining the darkness below

The one sip, drink, bottle, case
Joining itself to the body
Seeping into pores, becoming one with blood
Defining moments, hours, days, years
All consuming and all powerful

People no longer able or willing to function
As a member of society
Or even in a family
Choosing to ignore, drown out, take flight
Instead of face, stand up, fight

They become a lost plane
Spinning, crashing, falling, spiraling out of control
Erupting in flames
Fire licking the sides of the carnage with delight
Tingeing the perfect white sides with void

But it only takes one choice

The brown beer bottle sliding across the countertop
Falling now to the floor below
Spilling its contents:
Pain, fear, destruction
Across the hardwood
Instead of on another

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