Our Favorite CD

June 17, 2008
I listened to our favorite CD today
The funky pop one we always used to play
when we were ten,
giggling in the basement at your house.

I played your favorite song
And watched the memories play in my head
Memories you've probably already forgotten,
shoved in an old moving box instead

I remembered all those sleepovers
The manicures and Truth or Dare,
And all those times
you liked to play with my hair

When we were twelve, you still liked Dress-up
I'd supply the clothes
And you'd supply the makeup
While my mom took the pictures

And we both smiled with ease.
You liked boys early,
And my shyness with them you'd tease,
While I watched you shamelessly flirt.

As I was thinking this, lying in bed,
One of the songs stopped,
my CD player suddenly dead.

Then tears came to my eyes
And I suddenly realized
What had happened
to us.

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