April 7, 2011
By HerSilverTongue GOLD, Okotoks, Other
HerSilverTongue GOLD, Okotoks, Other
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Just because I'm not like you doesn't make me wrong, it makes me different.
And you give, and they take, and it's love that you want, but not love that you make.

You’re such a distraction,
You’ve got me daydreaming.
But it’s this wild attraction,
That keeps me believing.

That there’s something more,
A future for you and I.
Well I don’t know what’s in store,
But right now I’m flying high.

And they can hate us all they want,
At this point it doesn’t matter.
Because their words are said to taunt,
And you are the reason my heart wont shatter.

In a million little pieces,
Like it has been once before.
I was a ship beginning to sink,
You were the beautiful, beckoning shore.

Now you’re the sun hitting the trees,
And I’m lost upon this island.
But I’m the only one who sees,
They’re a flood and you’re the highland.

I’m constantly over thinking,
And rethinking all I do.
But now I feel myself sinking,
And falling hard for you.

It’s the deals and the songs,
And my heart where it belongs.
It’s knowing that you’re here for me,
And if I fall you will be there.
It’s the poems that don’t come free,
And just knowing that you care.

That drives me crazy with happiness,
And keeps me holding on.
You always leave me breathless,
Even when you’re gone.

The author's comments:
This is a poem that I wrote about being in love. And that feeling that you get when your life is falling apart, and your on the edge of a cliff but you're not afraid to fall, in fact you'd rather jump, because you know there's someone at the bottom to catch you.

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kennabofenna said...
on May. 20 2011 at 12:06 am
very talented..TOO talented.

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