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March 25, 2011
By donsmith18 GOLD, King George, Virginia
donsmith18 GOLD, King George, Virginia
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The road abruptly comes to an end.
You can feel the breeze in your hair.
You look around to listen for a sound,
But, reassured, you realize no one is there.
Slowly and surely you proceed with the plan,
You bend lower and lower
Until at last
You reach the ground.
You search to and fro,
High and low.
To find the reason for your journey
All alone.
Finally, out of the corner of your vision
You spot the delicate treasure.
You shuffle towards the tall, tall grass
And approach with caution
As you contain the shivers.
It is just as you pictured,
Imagined it to be.
It’s tall, towering and strong
And accented with a hint of green
Accompanied by the scene.
The pedals begin to sing a soft overture:
Success, victory and bliss,
As you embrace the stem
With a measure of acquaintance,
A soft kiss
You begin to think to yourself
The outcome of such a gift
Perhaps this expression of interest
Will produce unto you
A kiss such as this.
You slowly begin to pull on the roots
That one day will plant a seed.
A jaunt much more worth the appearance
A profession for the world to see.
Finally, the stem is in your palm
Safe and secure.
You run home to place it in its vase
As you enter the front door.
You position it in place
So that it can be seen
As you scribble a little letter
“Because I love
For you, from me.”

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