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March 30, 2011
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It was a huge storm, even for MA, where usual late night storms where the casual in the middle of summer. This storm had a mid of its own it blows and it howls  it shook the  house to the core. While the storm raged on out side I calmly sat in front of the television. It was 8:00 and I was not nearly tired. My mom had told me it would soon be time to go to sleep I didn't really want to. But luckily for me mom had fallen asleep on the couch almost 2 hours ago, and I for one was not going to be the one to wake her up, I wanted to Finnish my show. 

       The windows rattled, and I jumped. I quickly glanced at erin just to make sure she was still their. Screech! the tree out side scraped the window, again I glanced at erin. This time she was looking at me to, she grind, I knew that face one more spook and she would call me a wimpy little baby, and that was the last thing I wanted. Um I am hungry, well be quiet she replied I am not tired yet, do not wake up mom. I tip toed out of the room and into the hallway. Mom still soundly slept on the couch, no need to wake her yet it thought. I crept in to the kitchen, silent as a mouse. I grabbed the crackers out of a cupboard and slowly crept back into the room.  

           About half an hour went by and mom came into the room finally awake from her nap time to go to sleep she said. aw! I sighed but I was actually kind of tired. We trumped up stairs and went to sleep.

              About 2 hours later mom came in again what know I thought. Come in to my room, she said okay I thought. Mom was not one of those over concerned parents she mostly went with it. Never over reacted, so I was curious. When we got to her room I looked out the window and I saw all of these flashing lights like some giant was having a big party or something. Then she told us what had happened. Convict had escaped stolen a car and was know running around loose in our neighbor hood, awesome. I thought. Later they finally shout the convict and he was returned to his jail. But it was pretty scary.

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