Love Is Strong!!

March 11, 2011
By 15meadod BRONZE, Kannapolis, North Carolina
15meadod BRONZE, Kannapolis, North Carolina
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I love the way you smile and your eye’s sqeez together. I love your soft lip’s and the way the make me feel when they touch mine. We been together for 3 long year’s it’s been tough but we find a way to make it through. The best day of my life will alway’s be 09.20.08 the day i met you your a preacous liar that bring’s tears to my eye’s. Yes im not perfect i mess up sometimes but what i don’t do is treat you the way you treat me. Yes i love you and i know you love me. But you have a hard time showing it. I wish you would change but you would have to want it . I hope one day it comes to your mind and say’s i love this girl and i shouldn’t be treaten her the way i am and when that day comes it will be the happiest day of my life. Right know we ain’t together it’s hard seeing us not. But maybe this will help you see the cheater you have became. Sometimes i lay in bed at night wishing you would call and come clean. But in reality i know it’s just a dream. My mom tells me baby he love’s you and yall belong together. But i tell her reality is real. When you cry it hurt’s me in a way but to see you not when i am make’s me look back and say my love is strong and so am i it’s time to wake up and realize all i ever wanted from you is just a dream. I hope when you read this you burst in tears for the pay back from my fears.

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