These Wings of Mine

March 7, 2011
By BLyratt BRONZE, Wahiawa, Hawaii
BLyratt BRONZE, Wahiawa, Hawaii
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These wings of mine have not been stretched

Have not been torn, have not been bent

I’ve lived a life of luxury

But never been free, never free

The feathers there are white, pristine

They’re always new, always clean

For the audience, they have to be

Never free, never free

My beak is opening for a song

A trill, a thrill, songs short and long

But what it longs for is to be

Truly free, truly free

I sold myself to slavery

To always be new, always be clean

To never know the wind in my wings

To never be free, never free

I may be known far and wide

I may have a voice that makes you sigh

I may be a celebrity,

But never free, never free…

The author's comments:
This poem is a commentary of the life of celebrities; how they basically sell themselves to the business and always have to keep a certain image, to "always be new, always be clean" but "never be free, never free."

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