January 7, 2008
By Ashley Jones, ROCHELLE, IL

The cover that you're hiding under,
Not visible to hide the plunder,
Something that you won't disvover,
Is something that they will uncover.

The faultless sins will soon derive,
Inside you soon they will survive,
But the humanity will try to strive,
To keep the innocence alive.

Illusion taken from your side,
You fear the hate you try to hide,
Bitterness you keep for pride,
To quench your wicked thirst inside.

You know that you will never cower,
The selfish pride holds too much power,
You love the darkness of the hour,
A taste of blood is never sour.

Shrink away from all emotion,
Memories causing all commotion,
There's power in your every motion,
To reveal the purpose of this notion.

Hiding fear within all violence,
Anger deep inside will never silence

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