Life In Isolation

June 6, 2008
By Samantha Jacobson, Attleboror, MA

This building is isolate
Lost in a non-existent world
And with every breath you take
Increase the feeling you’ll hurl

Each room enclosed
Windows barred
You can still feel your scars
These hollow walls of stone
Lost in fabrication

Can’t save us
Can’t save us
Hearts beating
Hearts beating

Why have we been sent here when we’re sane? How can they control us when all we feel is pain? They try to lock us up, supposed to create a new beginning without self injury. But why does it matter if it’s only me? With our hearts racing, it’s only true to be pacing. Back and forth around the room. Waiting for our doom.

Hearts beating
Faith depleting

Fabricated lives we wish to lead
With such little faith we hardly give
It’s no wonder we don’t forgive

Padded walls of stone, keep me from myself
I’ll try not to hurt anyone else

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