December 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Broken, bit and bruised
Fingerprints, red and blistered
The wave of flesh gushed beneath the caked on mud
Revealing a promise, now ruined
Although I'm swinging from a burning thread
I'm not just dead.

I'm just trying to elevate this affliction
Leaning against this rock in belief this isn't an addiction
To surprise this isn't demise
I came across this tamarack
That I later seem to be lying under
I wake to fog, concealing my eyes.

A gush of red steaming hot fluid, suddenly grew cold
You became an animal
Your soft warm heart became cool
As you wrapped your hands around me
I gradually became blue
Once again you took a sip of brew

The author's comments:
it's a stringent poem, that I've grown to fall in love with. It talks about the hurt and love that someone feels towards a close family member, but they know that their bad habits wont change whether you have some control over it or not.

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