Lost, Am I?

December 10, 2007
By Abigail Zapotechne, Oberlin, OH

I sit here in the murky darkness.
A world of pitch black and no more.
A place on earth you cannot miss.
There is nothing here to love and care for.
For when I fell here I gained pure denial.
And when asked for truth i foreswore.
In words I've hit the rocky bottom.
And truth will not verbalize itself.
So I am left with no hope of freedom.

God sent me here to break me open.
To make me spill my beans.
But he will need more than a mighty can-opener.
Tho I encourage him by all means.
I have not thrown away my faith
into the devils trash can.
Nor given posession of it
unto his demon garbage man.
I have merely lost sight
of this holy thing I used to know.
Due to the continuous barrier of no light

I suppose theres a chance
that during this year-long night
I may catch a glance
of a beam of glowing light.
Maybe the cause would be a prayer.
And the effect so great, I'd never see dark.
Or maybe the Devil's just a good prankster
and again i will have been made a fool of.
But I pray to the god I grew up loving.
Please forgive me for my evil sins
and relieve me of this birden.

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