Where I Am From

December 17, 2007
I am from the sky blue house at the end of the cul-de-sac
From creating forts and tunnels during the winter alongside friends
From fishing and gripping to a tube above the surface of a glassy lake
From performing theatrical masterpieces in front of the fireplace
From “Allison, don’t do that” to racing to the hospital for stitches

I am from my family who surrounds me with love and acceptance
From my dad who tickles me nonstop until I raise the white flag
From my mom whose sweet voice would wake me up each morning
From my sister who spends hours talking and laughing with me
From my grandma whose effervescent personality rains down on me

I am from the wonderful cross where my savior, Jesus Christ, once died
From His sacrifice which provided a chance for redemption
From His resurrection which gave hope for a future beside Him
From His teachings which constantly instruct me how to live
From His love which upholds in times of joy and soothes in times of sorrow

I am from these places, these moments, and these people
I am because of where I am from

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